About AppDynamics and The Agents of Transformation Research

Research Methodology

To better understand the current environment in which technologists are operating, AppDynamics has undertaken comprehensive research to uncover the aspirations, challenges, and priorities for technologists today, from CIOs to senior and mid-level IT management.

This comprised of:

  • Interviews with 1,000 IT professionals in organisations with a turnover of at least $500m
  • Interviews conducted across US, UK, France, Germany, Australia – and across a range of industries, including IT, financial services, retail, public sector, manufacturing and automotive, and media and communications

The Agents of Transformation

This study set out to identify the characteristics and environments that technologists need to drive effective and sustainable change for their organizations. And so emerged the Agents of Transformation, the elite few already primed and equipped to be digital business leaders – and four further typologies of technologists, all with the appetite and desire to have a positive impact on their organization and the world itself.

About AppDynamics

At AppDynamics, we are committed to helping our customers become Agents of Transformation. We provide them with the real-time visibility and insight they need across all of their applications and the technology stack, to make informed decisions that drive business performance and better consumer experiences.

Become an Agent of Transformation

Your journey starts here. Learn about the five types of technologist, take our assessment and find out how to propel your career to the next level with AppDynamics.