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Andrés Martinez, Domain Manager APM, BPCE Group

Andrés Martinez has been in charge of Performance & Metrology APM at BPCE IT for 4 years.

He began his career as a mainframe system engineer in 1999 at GC2I (Groupement de Conception d’Ingénierie, Informatique pour les Banques Populaires) and then became Technical Manager at i-BP. Later, he became Head of Performance & Metrology for Mainframe and APM, where he developed innovative solutions including a multi-platform metrology portal.

What is your current role and how much of your work is focused on innovation-led projects?

I’m a domain manager in charge of the measurement and performance of applications with AppDynamics’ APM solution. Our remit is to ensure that our APM solution responds well to the demands of our customers with regard to the technical aspects of the infrastructure. It’s important that the AppDynamics solution runs smoothly so that our customers can benefit from a platform that resolves performance issues as quickly as possible and in an end-to-end view.

What are the most exciting transformation projects you’ve worked on and why did they mean so much to you?

Throughout my career I have always been close to the technology, right across the technology infrastructure from mainframes to applications. Over the years, I have seen IT radically transform the way companies operate and deliver services, and being part of those early digitalization projects – when you were transforming every part of the business from accounting to inventory and communications – was incredibly exciting! It was such a huge challenge to truly digitally transform the company you work for. That passion for innovation has never left me.

What are the key personal qualities of an Agent of Transformation?

It’s a combination of skills: a passion for innovation and an open mind to explore new ideas, and an inbuilt need to drive exceptional service quality via disciplined and well tested processes. An Agent of Transformation dares to propose change, but does so with the benefit of experience alongside statistical data and insight to support his or her proposal.

Have you had a mentor on your journey to becoming an Agent of Transformation?

Over the years I have worked with many exceptional colleagues and managers who have all taught me a great deal. From helping me to develop my own leadership and management style, to understanding the power of effective communication in driving through and winning support for new ideas, and building a positive team culture, their advice has been invaluable.

What differentiates an Agent of Transformation from other technologists?

An Agent of Transformation is interested in innovation, and never rests on his or her achievements. For today’s modern business, there is constant evolution and as technologists, we cannot afford to stand still. What is valid today will no longer be valid tomorrow. An Agent of Transformation recognizes that, and acts on it.

What should technologists that are aspiring to become Agents of Transformation be looking for in their current role or next role?

I would recommend looking for opportunities to get involved in projects designed to help the company adapt, evolve and respond to user or customer needs and expectations. This might be in your day to day role, but could also include looking for opportunities to get involved in work groups or workshops where you can contribute ideas to solve issues in others areas of your business. I enjoy being part of these teams, working alongside and learning from colleagues who are equally passionate about driving innovation.

What skills should organizations be looking for when recruiting technologists that have the potential and drive to become Agents of Transformation?

In my eyes, the key skills are innovation, perseverance, creativity and adaptability. Moreover, they need to feel comfortable to work as a team.

How has AppDynamics helped you in your journey to become an Agent of Transformation?

AppDynamics’ end-to-end capabilities enables us to look at the technical and functional performance of applications. We use the insight to map key development areas that will deliver improved customer experience.

I come from the mainframe world where we already had a sense of metrology and ‘measuring things’. Now with AppDynamics I have more visibility on performance across the technology stacks, from infrastructure to the applications.

Why are Agents of Transformation so critical to our future, in helping organizations and wider societies to adapt to rapid advances in technological innovation?

We are at an important time in the digital revolution. The first revolution was the transition from mechanical technology to computer technology. Now we are moving to a world of digital technology and the introduction of powerful new technologies like automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a result, we need Agents of Transformation armed with world-class measurement tools, to monitor the applications that deliver the digital experience our customers demand.

What should organizations be doing in order to develop, nurture and support Agents of Transformation over the coming years?

The rate of digital transformation will only increase, and with it will come new challenges and opportunities we can’t even begin to imagine. Organizations need to provide the training and support to help future Agents of Transformation be in a position to tackle whatever the future brings and arm them with the tools they need in the face of increased competitive pressures.

"An Agent of Transformation is interested in innovation, and never rests on his or her achievements."

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