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Trung Quach, Senior Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations, Vidéotron

With over 17 years of IT (Infrastructures and Operations) leadership experience sponsoring many transformational projects, Trung Quach is committed to delivering the impossible. He is an ally for CIO/CTO/CFOs looking to continually leverage technology for innovation with a significant return on investment (ROI). His favorite quote is one from Thomas Jefferson: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

What do you think is most exciting about being an Agent of Transformation at this time?

With automation, orchestration and AI, now is the best time for innovation. In the past three years, my team has done over two dozen innovations. I love it when my CIO calls and asks for my ideas because that indicates faith in my team and me because of the speed of innovation we’ve been handling. I think now more than ever, technologists have access to the capabilities that can really have an impact on user experience, like with what AppDynamics will give us. There was a time when all kinds of things didn’t work because the technology just wasn’t there. That’s no longer the case. Today, the technology is there to drive impactful transformations.

What is a motto you live by?

In order to find a solution for something that has no end, like cost cutting, you need a solution without an end. It’s constant change. That’s innovation. Also, if you don’t like something, stop doing it and change it because if you continue along the same path, you’ll be in the same position a year from now. It’s not going to get better without change. That’s time for innovation.

What role does data and AI play in transformation?

Because we always want to bring ROI to the table to innovate, we need to know it all the time. So we need data. Combined with AI, we can go even further, be more precise and see more angles and opportunities. For instance, take an interesting use case example. When the weather is bad, people stay at home so there are more calls to our customer service desk and more calls to my IT service desk. That means more people on our servers. With data and AI within AppDynamics, I will know which servers are being affected and with orchestration and automation, we will make necessary changes and innovations to continually improve performance.

What is/are the most exciting transformation projects you’ve worked on and why did they mean so much to you?

I have done many technology innovation projects with a tremendous rate of success. I have experienced many outsourcing initiatives with great financial challenges. None of those transformation projects can compare to the IT Service Management transformation I’ve been conducting for the second time now because it mainly focuses on the people’s mindset of service accountability. All of them contributed to the innovation culture in my team at Videotron.

Have you had a mentor on your journey?

I have multiple mentors. I have mentors for different areas, including people who teach me how to manage vendors, how to look at business, how to understand finances, and how to best manage communications. With the help of those mentors, I have accomplished so many great things. One saying that I always try to remember from a mentor is: if someone didn’t buy into your idea, that person did not misunderstand you but rather you failed to convince that person.

What are the organizational qualities essential to enabling and supporting transformation?

I’m an innovator so usually when someone hires me, it’s because they’re want to innovate, or game change their ways of doing things. An organization needs to be willing to innovate. If that’s not the bedrock for the organization, I’d rather they don’t hire me. I’ll shake things up and make people uncomfortable, and we may argue, but if we all work together, trust a bit each other, we’ll achieve innovation, and everyone will love the results. We need to accept the unknown for a little while and take a leap of faith.

How do you approach your development in terms of continual learning and seeking out new challenges?

To me, development is about continually being better than we were yesterday. If I’m doing the same thing every day, I’m not improving. If everyone is agreeing and things are comfortable, I’m not doing my job. Innovation is uncomfortable — for others and for me. Perseverance to push through discomfort and frustration can be difficult but it leads to learning and successful innovation. You need to keep your convictions, especially when your every move is challenged.

What advice would you give to other technologists who are looking to progress in their careers?

You need to be a game changer, changing the course of history and do it fast. That’s transformation, and it’s very rewarding. It’s hard but it’s incredibly fulfilling. Also, you need to learn to speak the same language as leaders. All C-Level speak ROI, so I speak ROI, which is why they allow me the level of innovation my team manages. You must always be transforming and challenge your status quo, that’s the key.

“You need to be a game changer, changing the course of history and do it fast. That’s transformation, and it’s very rewarding.”

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