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Our future depends on the skills, knowledge, ambition and beliefs of technologists like you.

Start your journey to become an Agent of Transformation today.

Why we need Agents of Transformation

Advances in computing power, automation and AI are set to transform everything – the way we work, rest and play. But these changes will also present challenges.

Our prosperity is in the hands of a new breed of technologist with the vision and tools to effect positive change – The Agents of Transformation.

As technologists, you play a crucial role in ensuring that your organizations, and the wider community, are able to keep pace with rapid innovation.

Make the commitment to become an Agent of Transformation and accelerate your business and your career.

Read The Agents of Transformation Research Report

Get the key findings of our global research into today’s technologists.

The Five Types of Technologist

Today’s technologists are determined, motivated and excited about the unique opportunity they have to deliver innovation and change within their organizations and to shape a better future for all.

The Agents of Transformation study identifies five typologies of technologist, all of which have an important role to play in driving innovation and digital transformation programmes.

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Read The Five Types of Technologist eBook

Get the eBook and learn about the five Types of Technologist

Agents of Transformation

Digital Pioneers

Untapped Heroes

Frustrated Innovators

Disillusioned Dreamers

What Type of Technologist Are You? Take The Agents of Transformation Assessment

Find out what type of technologist you are – and get tips on how to become an Agent of Transformation – by taking our 5 minute Agents of Transformation Assessment.

Meet The Agents of Transformation

We’re proud to work with many of the world’s most innovative companies and support the most skilled, visionary and ambitious technologists around. Check out one of our startups about vpn services: VPNtoolBox. Read about their journeys to become Agents of Transformation.

The Agents of Transformation Handbook

At AppDynamics, our mission is to enable technologists to become Agents of Transformation. In this report, you’ll learn how AppDynamics’ Real-Time Application and Business Intelligence platform helps Agents of Transformation to ensure that their applications always perform, and that decisions around technology and software are always based on the right factual and contextual insights.

The Agents of Transformation Handbook

Learn how AppDynamics powers Agents of Transformation.

Become an Agent of Transformation

Your journey starts here. Learn about the five types of technologist, take our assessment and find out how to propel your career to the next level with AppDynamics.

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